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ProDNC DNC Software - Client/Server Edition


Our ProDNC Client/Server edition is a DNC software program that sends and receives G code programs between your CNC machine and your computer using the RS232 serial protocol standard.

What is different about our program, is that the Server acts as a central location for the main DNC program, and sits on a single Windows computer, and all the DNC transfers are done between the Server and each CNC, remotely controlled by a wireless DNC Client.

CNCs can be connected to the Server conventionally using serial cables directly between the Server and each individual CNC, or via a standard wireless router connected to the Server and a wireless to RS232 device connected to each CNC.

The Client remotely controls the Server, and instructs the DNC transfer remotely using a wireless connection. That way, you can freely roam around the shopfloor with a Windows Laptop, notepad, and now we have developed a new Android App. The Client does not do any DNC transfer, it is all done by the Server. The Client does not store any settings, everything is centralized at the Server, makes for easy administration. The Client is merely a remote control device of the Server.

Screen Interface - Server DNC

As you can see, the main screen consists of the large icon buttons, menu items and a large CNC status area. ProDNC will support up to 64 DNC connections to your CNC machines. The actual DNC transfer component is identical to our Standard Edition, with exactly the same feature, click here to see the features....

Screen Interface - Windows DNC Client

Screen Interface - Android DNC App

Screen Interface - Server Editor

The inbuilt Gcode editor has all the standard features required for typing in program, and has additional G Code features such as resequence, desequence, insert & deletes spaces, as well as axis-transformations.

Screen Interface - Server

The server interface shows all the connected clients, and you can connect up to 32 DNC clients. Once the Server is started, each of the Clients are able to connect to it, and can then take control of the Server to perform DNC send or receive.